Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sabor Geracoes ( G E ) filtro cigarette review,


upcoming review 2 cigar reviews and more from another pack swap with RJ

Another big thank you to rj for sending these to me in a pack swap. -

Don't know to much about these there either from France or Portugal i think France but on the side the people who make them have something about Portugal , anyway these are a very small cig much like Embassy filter and Regal filter only a very small paper and tobacco section. Id say there 4 to 5 less drags than a king size.


It comes in a soft pack i like soft packs except when you have them in your pocket the can get a bit squashed and your cigs can get crushed . The lettering and the colouring all goes well but it is a very plain pack really.

The cig

If you have never had a Regal or Embassy filter you will really be surprised by who small they really are ( similar size to them ) The filter dosent look like any i have seen before has a sort of patten . Very dark in colour with a few light bits ( Tan colouring ) Just says sg in black on the body. Darkish tobacco colour . Smelling them from the pack it has a nice smell. Dry drag smooth and sweet , first drag after lighting up , very unusual taste , quite toasted not the same as lucky strike this is all together unique. Nice even burn. Not the best taste but it is nice but there is deffantley better out there . Good nicotine hit for the size of the cig , slowish burn time. Not to harsh quite smooth to smoke. A little stronger towards the end.
- Great nicotine hit.
- Nice burn time for the size of the cig.
- Quite a strange taste
- These are good cig for going out somewhere where you cant smoke so if you are standing out in the rain you aren't there for long.

Kool Filter king size menthol ( France )

Kool menthol review from France.


To start with i would like to send a massive thank you out to rj for sending me these in a pack swap , great guy and if you haven't already please check out his YouTube channel .
-        - please if you havent check out his channel.

Kool are quite a widely smoked menthol cigarette from what i have heard in the USA, in america Rj reynolds make them but in the E.U there made by British American tobacco , first produced in the early 30s originally like most old brand only available unfiltered filters were added when they became more popular in the 60s . Nat King Cole the singer actually smoked kool's he chain smoked them and could go through 3 packs a day or more . A penguin was there mascot at the start. Not the biggest menthol smoker but for some reason i have always like to try them and Kool is the one i have always wanted to try , but there not available in the UK.

Packaging .

Has a good look to it , easy to tell its menthol and it does stand out , lettering stands out and is arranged well overhaul nice pack .

The cig.

Inside the cig 
90.5 % tobacco paper 6.5 % texture 3.0 %  - that's my own translation so i think that's what it is.

10mg tar 0.8 mg nicotine 10 mg carbon monoxide that's quite high for a menthol there usually around 8mg

Paper is held down nice , dark coloured tobacco says Kool like it does on the pack in green. Dry drag light taste nice flavour , lighting it up and first drag ,menthol hits you straight away not a overpowering menthol taste that's a let down for a lot of menthol cigs but not for these. Few drags in burning nice and even. Burn time is a little fast. Not as good as the St.moritz but there expensive but there up there nice menthol flavour , good nicotine hit , the taste stays through out. The mint flavour is good in the mouth
- Nice nicotine hit
- Good menthol not overpowering
- But a fast burn time

-9 out of 10

And please check out rj's channel

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Chesterfield Red Super kings ( UK )


Chesterfield were quite a big brand in america at one point , but recently they have lost sales, here in the UK they have released them as a budget brand . I have had the king size and they are really good for the price , but sometimes Super kings can be a bit different . A lot of people have said over the years they have gone bad but from the king size i had i loved them they are a great smoke for the price.

-From the front of the pack we learn that chesterfield were first made in 1896.


£5.75 there really cheap. The king size some in 20s but the super kings 19 . i don't know if both do it now or just the super kings. A few company's do this as it is a easy way to avoid tax to keep the cigs cheap as you don't pay tax for 20

 I prefer the old pack design that the US had but the one in the UK they have done a good job of making it look modern . The pack is the same as the king siz but it says at the top left corner super then a line and under it kings. The sides of the pack are also quite well designed aswell.

The cig.

Long filter quite a light tan colour on the filter. The dry drag gives of a sweet flavour . on the cig it just says chesterfield in the same font as on the pack. Smelling them in the pack its a pleasant smell , nice and sweet , so lets light it up. First drag nice and smooth , after a few drags its burning nice and even. Seem quite light to start with. Burning quit slowly aswell. The flavour is nice fairly sweet not quite the same as the king size. Very similar. They are both a great cig for the price you pay i have paid more for a lot worse. For a budget brand they are a great taste. Good nicotine hit , just looked on the internet while having it and they have just brought the superkings out great addition to the range
- Nice nicotine hit
- Good flavour
- Great for the price
A little reading on them

Please check out RJ's youtube channel

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Camel essential flavour ( France )


First off i would like to thank rj for sending these and the other packs , so thanks rj for allowing me to try all the different tobacco products i might of otherwise not been able to.

Please if you have not checked out his YouTube channel please do it is quality work from a great guy.


From what i can gather this is part of a camel range as when i was in Greece they had this pack and one in black exact same pack different colours , so possibly part of the same range. I have that pack so i will review that soon, i know i keep saying there are reviews coming soon , but i have been really busy and i wanted to cover some basic uk brands before doing brands from other country's- so they will be coming up very soon.
Camel have always been a great brand , one of my Favorite they just have a quality feel to them and usally very good smokes , they have started to bring a lot of different blends out.

- The picture is just one i found on the internet through Google , they will be like that until i sort my camera out.


Same as the camel blacks , but yellowish sort of a dusty colour , reading at the top essential flavours the only indication that its a camel cigarette is the cut out camel on the front , that looks really good on both these and the black pack.on the back Camel essential flavours and the camel below it. just your usal camel stuff it is a great pack , looks good has a very clean look to it , looks like a good smoke from the outside alone.
9/10 - really like it , one of the better designed packs out there.

- there from France so heres what's in them , not sure if i have put it in and changed it right but its a guide.
tobacco 8,0%
cigarette paper 8,0%
agents textures 3,0%


Rj said they are a mid range price brand in France if i remember. Cant get them in the uk , in France , and 100% as i got the blacks witch are part of the range and saw them in Greece and Spain

The cig 

Has a nice look to it . light sweet smell to them , a dry drag it tastes good.On the cig it has a camel in a gold colour.very nice taste on the first drag , leaves a good taste in the mouth. not harsh at all , very smooth and pleasant to smoke . Good burn time very slow burn. Good nicotine rush . The flavour is really good. Half way through its a great product to add to the camel name. The flavour is sweetish taste. towards the end the flavour stays it is a brilliant smoke
- Great taste good nicotine rush great addiction to the range good burn time , very enjoyable
- Couldn't really find a down side to them.

Please check out rj's channel in the link above , great guy , great videos.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Upcoming reviews

- I have saved several from my cartons i brought back from Greece that i still need to do , these have sadly been put off as i keep buying cigs to review , if you want to see them the scroll down to my earlier posts and if any requests come through ill do them to. Aswell as a few more snus reviews to come up.

Got some packs from Spain to do.
Got them from family who went extremely limited choice where they went.
- Lucky strike click and roll.
- Camel black same ones as from Greece so they will be up at a later date.

Thanks for keeping with me and looking at my reviews

Thunder extra stark snus - berry 16mg

The snus

Quite a large porchen dark in colour , has a light berry taste , good flavour not overwelming , quite pleasant, quite a sweet flavour. Nicotine delivery takes a while , nice steady and slow it , nice hit , as with all snus very pratical , especially where smoking is not permited ( more and more places theses days ) . The flavour grows  a little stronger the longer it is in. Not to long in its delivering a nice hit. I dont know if it is how i stored it , but there isnt to much of a berry flavour its only very light , but its a good flavour .

-Not the strongest flavour going. but i enjoyed them.
- Not the biggest nicotine rush ,but they were still good


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thunder Raw Extra strong 22 mg ( Sweden )

don't now to much about snus ,so not much to add . Massive thanks again to rj.
- IF you haven't already please check out RJ's you tube great guy , great videos . Made the snus reviews possible . I really cant thank him enough for the snus.

the snus.

Seems to have a minty smell to it . To me when i first put it in , it is quite a pre-eminent flavour. Its a pleasant flavour , it is a fairly stong flavour . Delivers a fair hit quite early on at 22 mg it will be the highest toabacco most pepole will have had , with the limits in E.U . A fantastic hit , especially if at work if they dont allow you to smoke there. The flavour stays good thought , quite a sweet flavour . If you want a good nicotine hit then i cant recommend them enough . About 5  minutes im feeling one of the biggest nicotine rushes i have ever had  .You can tell this is a quality product ( well made ect.. ) . The pouch looks quite big compared to the Offroad , Very dark in colour , sort of a black/brown . As i said in the Offroad im not the biggist snus user these are in fact my first ever snus's , so again a massive thank you to rj for this chance to try and review them.
- great nicotine hit  ( best i have ever had . )
- Good flavour quality made product
- usually i would add the downfalls , but up to now i cant find any
Worth a try quality and fantastic nicotine hit

- Sorry lately for the lack of quality and pictures i cant find my lead for it i will shortly sort that out and my hours at work , have been changed so im working longer , i can add them on brakes ect though . Thanks and keep checking back more snus to come and more cigarettes.

- if you want me to do a review please message me on my youtube -

Monday, 10 September 2012

Offroad original -16mg

Offroad Original 16 mg snus - Sweden

Overview .
I got some snus in a pack swap with rj , thank you so much to rj for giving me the oputunity to try these , if you haven't already check out his channel on YouTube , great guy , great videos . I have never tried snus so ,this was a great chance for me.
Thanks again rj -

The snus .
First of all this is a little strange to me , i have never tried anything like it , all the tobacco products i have , have always involved smoking them , they take a little getting used to at first , quite strong . The method of using them its a little hard at first , but you get used to it. The taste differes massively from cigs , anyway the Offroad original to me has a slight taste of liquorish to it , delivers a very light nicotine hit , there quite relaxing to have , great for where smoking is not permitted ( nearly everywhere in the UK ) , very practical , im sorry this is not very in depth as i don't know to much about snus and im not by any means a expert , so i can only give my rating as a first time tryer of snus.
- Good flavour , not to overpowering - nice light nicotine hit. i think you if you can get it try snus its quite good and practical. 
- Very nice hint of liqorice taste to it.

-7.5/10 - this is my opinion as i don't know to much , i found the flavour nice , good nicotine , be nice if it was a little stronger. i still prefere smoking but a nice to try ive been enjoying them.

- More reviews of snus to come up in the following days/weeks. Thanks to rj for them please if you haven't , check out his channel you wont be let down.

- Again sorry for any spelling ect... mistakes as i have had to rush today's reviews

Marlboro red review ( UK )

Marlboro red - UK  

 Next reviews - Some snus sent in a pack swap with rj - Massive thanks to him for it -
Snus review will be later today ( 10/09/2012 )

- Then a small tribute  to Camel filters with a review , as they are being discontinued in the UK. - ( Next few days.)

Overview - Marlboro are easyiley  the most known cigarette brand there is ,ask anyone if they smoke or not and they will know Marlboro. This is thanks to the sponsorship of most things back in the day when it was allowed , there biggest being the sponsorship of Ferrari in f1 , it continues to this day only now they cant actually show it on the cars. Marlboro sponserd many events , aswell as there well known Welcome to Marlboro country ads . But most famously the cow boys , giving them the name cowboy killers after a few of the models for the advert died of smoking related illnesses. There advertising ensured that they are remembered, they are the most sold cigarette brand in the world , they also have many variates , but sadly most are not available in the UK. I had to do a review on these at some point as they are so iconic all around the world.

- i have lost my lead to my camera so until i have found it or got a replacement , there wont be any pictures of the packaging ect..


Its very simple  , but for me it works , it does remind me of the world far gone , where it was hard not to see it at a sporting event. It would look better without the warnings . Marlboro is presented in black , its a nice shade of red , would be better to see what im talking about if i could put the pictures up , but you all know what it looks , like and that's the beauty of what they achieved with this brand from a failing brand to the best selling , the pack sticks in your mind.
-8 out of 10 - in fairness it could do with a little bit of a jazz up , its starting to look old now with all the modern packs , but i fear if this is done , it would ruined the look of Marlboro


As explained before its a old brand so its been through more taxing , resulting in them being quite expensive now. depending on the shop around £7.30.

The cig.

From my experience i have found they have always been a well made cig. Paper is well held , tobacco is packed nice it still is .
The filter looks quite large , light looking , just says Marlboro in black same style as on the box. They have a nice sweet smell in the pack .Having a dry drag they taste wonderful. burn nice and easy from the start , you get a good nicotine kick straight from the first few drags. Quite a sweet flavour , some pepole find reds harsh i don't in fact i think they are quite a smooth smoke for nearly for strength ( limited in the E.U) Easy to take a drag , some cigs are harder to drag on. Good burn time . Half way through they still burn nice and even. I got a little bit of throat  burn the farer down i got. Nice flavour all the way down. As with most there's a difference since FSC came in, towards the end you get a better kick than nearly all cigs.
- Great nicotine hit from them. good burn time , nice and even , worth the money .
- Not that much wrong with them , the price is the only thing that comes to mind , but there worth it.

- Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes was done in a bit of a rush.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Camel Filters

A full review will be up in a few days , as i found some old stock. As you may know if you are from the uk , they are sadly from what i have heard being discontinued , so i will post a review of what may be a long goodbye from them. Sad i always liked them shame  there sales have gone down , i will add more in the review about there decline as well as some history . Also later a review of the Greek soft pack Camel filters , so if you can pop back later and join me for a very sad goodbye to Camel filters from the UK market.

- Production from what i believe stoped on the filter sometime in June only older stock of them left.